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“Slice of Life” was bad — and I want to see more episodes like it

Hoo, boy — that just happened. And…it wasn’t very good. In fact — it was just bad.

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Awkwardness is to humor as dissonance is to music: The Pie Sisters demonstrate

Apparently, when Natasha Levinger does fanservice, she doesn’t mess around.  Featuring Discord in an episode is enough to get Bronies excited, but she went all-out and brought in Maud as well. Levinger also seemed to be channeling Dave Polsky a … Continue reading

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Why Luna is more popular than Celestia, part 2: the long shadow of “Luna Eclipsed”

When it comes to Luna and Celestia, I’m a pretty typical Brony; I certainly like Celestia, but I don’t inwardly cheer when she comes on-screen, the way I do with Luna. As I’ve argued before, much of Luna’s appeal comes … Continue reading

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“It’s for kids” is not an excuse (and we don’t need one, anyway)

[EDIT: To clarify, I don’t think for a second that Miller uses “it’s for kids” as an excuse to phone it in. If he did, Season 4 would not be nearly as good as it is.  My concern was more … Continue reading

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