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I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! Plus, a search for an artist to commission.

I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! July 17th-19th, Columbus, OH! What the fuck have I gotten myself into!? Regardless, awhile ago I concocted an essay, but decided it would work better in presentation/speech format.  If you’re going to be at … Continue reading

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“Is FiM for little girls, or for everyone?” — what does that question even mean? Or, why audiences are not demographics.

Awhile ago, The Geek Professor wrote another post of many arguing that the description of FiM as a “kids’ show” is inaccurate.  A few months ago, it was posted to the main FiM subreddit, and there was an interesting reaction; backlash.  The top … Continue reading

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There’s Dragonball Z in these ponies! — and maybe that’s actually a good thing

Okay, so now that I’m done gushing and I’ve had time to calm down a bit, let’s talk about that scene — the battle.

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Why Lauren Faust’s “Galaxy Girls” hasn’t attracted “FiM”‘s cross-gender audience

If you’re reading this blog, you might be aware of Friendship is Magic-starter Lauren Faust’s personal project: Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls. If a creator has a major fandom for one of their works, it’ll often follow them into … Continue reading

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