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Cadance and Shining’s foal is a [redacted] — and I’m actually happy about that

WARNING: spoilers ahead!  If you haven’t seen the recent sneak-peak and want to go into Season 6 completely blind, turn back now. That said, this is the kind of spoiler that makes me more excited for the episode, rather than … Continue reading

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“Slice of Life” was bad — and I want to see more episodes like it

Hoo, boy — that just happened. And…it wasn’t very good. In fact — it was just bad.

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Why Luna is more popular than Celestia, part 2: the long shadow of “Luna Eclipsed”

When it comes to Luna and Celestia, I’m a pretty typical Brony; I certainly like Celestia, but I don’t inwardly cheer when she comes on-screen, the way I do with Luna. As I’ve argued before, much of Luna’s appeal comes … Continue reading

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“It’s for kids” is not an excuse (and we don’t need one, anyway)

[EDIT: To clarify, I don’t think for a second that Miller uses “it’s for kids” as an excuse to phone it in. If he did, Season 4 would not be nearly as good as it is.  My concern was more … Continue reading

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The beginning of the collaborator-driven era in TV animation — and why *FiM* just might start it

WARNING: This post contains minor spoilers for Episode 100 of Friendship is Magic.  That said, if you even know the premise of Episode 100, you know everything I’m going to discuss. Most of us are aware that this whole weird … Continue reading

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Rest in peace, Golden Oaks Library (and please don’t come back): the importance of character death

The destruction of Golden Oaks library (understandably) caused a stir among the fandom.  A small-but-vocal minority decried the decision, characterizing it as a blatant attempt to sell toys at the expense of the show’s quality. Surprisingly, Digibrony himself was among … Continue reading

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How analysis can improve the fandom: a response to Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver has proposed that analysis of Friendship is Magic has harmed the fandom as a whole, decreased people’s enjoyment of the show, and just generally made things worse:

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“Is FiM for little girls, or for everyone?” — what does that question even mean? Or, why audiences are not demographics.

Awhile ago, The Geek Professor wrote another post of many arguing that the description of FiM as a “kids’ show” is inaccurate.  A few months ago, it was posted to the main FiM subreddit, and there was an interesting reaction; backlash.  The top … Continue reading

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There’s Dragonball Z in these ponies! — and maybe that’s actually a good thing

Okay, so now that I’m done gushing and I’ve had time to calm down a bit, let’s talk about that scene — the battle.

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A brief summary of my initial impressions of the Season 4 Finale (Warning: Spoilers)

Gah…I…wat…just…I don’t even…

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