I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! Plus, a search for an artist to commission.

I’m giving a panel at TrotCon! July 17th-19th, Columbus, OH!

What the fuck have I gotten myself into!?

Regardless, awhile ago I concocted an essay, but decided it would work better in presentation/speech format.  If you’re going to be at Trotcon, you should come marvel at my wise words and presentation skills and/or laugh at me while I make an ass of myself.  Here’s the elevator pitch:

Embracing Shining Armor: Friendship is Magic and masculinity

What do Big McIntosh and Shining Armor have in common with Kristoff the woodsman and Flynn the outlaw?  Why is “A Canterlot Wedding” such an important episode?  In a world of self-rescuing princesses, is there a role for the knight-in-shining-armor (spoiler alert: there is)?

Hsere, author of pony-centric blog “The Pony’s Litterbox”, thinks he knows some answers to those questions — and they might surprise you.  He hopes you’ll come listen to him discuss them, with audience questions and comments afterward.

So, with what I have to work with, I can make this panel good.  But to make it great, I’ll need some help.  Specifically, I’m looking to commission some custom artwork for it.

I’ll need roughly 10 pictures — they don’t have to be fancy, even sketches would work fine.  I’m looking to spend ~$100-200 on this (though I have some flexibility with that).

So, if you know an artist who’d be interested in such a project (or the pay associated with it), send them my way.  Hsereal AT gmail DOT com.

Hope to see you at TrotCon!

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